Special Congregational Meeting Minutes

The purpose of the meeting was to present and request concurrence by the congregation for the reports of the Vision/Writing Team (“Who Are We” and “Who Is Out There”).  Following worship service and lunch the meeting was called to order and opened with prayer at 12:30 p.m. A quorum was declared present.

The Vision/Writing Chairperson introduced the members of the Team and presented the first report, “Who Are We”.  Comments from the congregation were: “gratitude for the fine job of describing Trinity and this congregation.”  Motion to concur on this report, approved unanimously.

The second report, Who Is Out There?” was presented and considerable comments were presented.  Major comments dealt with:
1. What does Trinity have to offer to the population of the adjacent area of Wichita in the way of facilities for the use of various groups.
2.  How can we meet the needs of this area to provide a loving, accepting, Christian community.
3.  How do we as a Christ servant church make these opportunities known to those who would be interested in taking part.
Many good suggestions were given and members were encouraged to write down and put their ideas in a box in the Narthex.  Motion to concur on this second report, approved unanimously.

The meeting was then adjourned with prayer

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