Trinity – 50 years ago – August 1968

As the year began, Trinity, was in the process of calling a new minister.  Rev. John Kellison from Abilene, KS was installed on March 10, 1968.  Martin Johnson was Clerk of the Session.  Elders serving on the Session were: Wilbur Elsea, Martin Miller, Bert Courtright, Floyd Steele, Bill Bachman, John Hartford, Don Taylor, Floyd Peterson, Wayne Orr, Ben Spenser, Mae Dickison, Harold Hunt, Leila Ruddick, William McConachie, Del Chitwood, Hugh Polson, and Bob Keefer.

There were changes in the by-laws that allowed the Deacons to increase from 12 to 18 people.  Six women were elected to the Deacons in September of 1968.  The all women slate allowed the Deacons to be equally men and women.  The slate was Audrey McCarrier, Lucille Quillen, Lillian McKee, Mage Newlon, Dorothy McNeil and Marion Preston.

Two communicant classes were held that year; one youth class with 24 people and one adult class with 16 people.  There were many changes in membership through-out the year.

Discussion topics at the various Session meetings ranged from Christian Education Materials, purchase of a lot near by the church, remodeling the kitchen, purchase of new kitchen equipment, Synod business and Presbytery business just to name a few.

Wilma McLean was Vacation Bible School Chairman in 1968.  Florence Young was overall Sunday School Superintendent.