Pastor’s Corner

Who Do We Trust?

The Reverend Jim Butler in his sermon on trust started by saying “There cannot be many who have never been let down in their life by someone; not just that used car dealer or street trader but maybe a friend, colleague or family member in whom trust had been placed.” He paused and then went on to say, “The strength of any relationship can be measured by how much we trust another person.”

I accept as truth that at the center of our faith is the belief that when Christ hung on the Cross, nailed to that tree and died, with his death was the sin that separated humankind from God. Our natural inclination is to think that the only way to re-establish a broken relationship with God is by doing something, and that’s the attraction of ‘The Law’ because by following a rulebook we’re in control. But Jesus says ‘No! Trust me, walk with me to the Cross and beyond.’

Don’t be afraid of losing control, because it’s at that point that you are able to grasp, through faith, the hand that Jesus offers. Paul had been there. ‘The life I live in the body,’ he says ‘I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me’.

As our congregation waits for the Pastor Nominating Committee to find the minister God has selected, let us never stop praying for our church, its leadership, for one another, and especially for the members of our Pastor Nominating Committee. This will be a time of extremes; when our feelings will take us to periods of worry, uncertainty, hopelessness and doubt; followed by times that draw us together, reassuring us with laughter, optimism, and confidence.  How will this all take place?  Pray! “Lord, help us to trust you in all things.”