Together Again

This Sunday, October 4, we will begin public worship at 10:30 a.m.  We have been doing some deep cleaning and hope you will feel safe in joining us on this World Wide Communion Sunday.  We will continue to require participants to wear face masks and to social distance.  Every other pew will be marked off.

If you are not able to be with us on Sunday morning we will also be broadcasting the service live on YouTube.  As before you will find it at WichitaTPC on YouTube.  It will also remain on YouTube to be seen at other times.

Later this month on Sunday, October 18, there will be a congregational meeting following the morning worship service.  This meeting has been called by the Session to:

(1) act on a proposed change in the Bylaws to reduce the number of Session members from nine to seven (2) to elect an Elder and (3) to elect a Pulpit Nominating Committee. 

There will also be some time to discuss and answer questions on the idea of selling a small portion of our land to Habitat for Humanity for the purpose of building three houses.  This discussion will be for the purpose of updating the congregation and if we should proceed with gathering more information.  There will not be a vote to sell at this time.